Betty Crocker "Bacos" product contains Genetically Modified soya

Further to Sunday's reports about unapproved GM maize found in tortilla chips in UK supermarkets, additional investigation has revealed at least one product on UK supermarket shelves which still contains Genetically Modified soya.

The product, "Bacos", is sold by Asda, Co-Op, Tesco, Safeway, Sainsbury's and Waitrose. Despite all of these supermarkets choosing not to use GM ingredients in their own brand products, they continue to stock this product on their shelves.

Bacos is manufactured by General Mills, Minneapolis, USA, using Genetically Modified soya, in several forms, in the ingredients.

Marcus Williamson, of, asks:

"If GM ingredients are not good enough for their own brands, then why do these supermarkets allow other products containing GM ingredients on the shelves?"

Greg Dawson, speaking on behalf of Sainsbury's, has stated:

"Our commitment has been pledged to our own label products so it is possible that we stock brand products with GM ingredients."

Sainsbury's recently ran a high profile advertising campaign in its stores stating "No genetically modified food where you see this label", referring to the Sainsbury's brand. This latest discovery of a product containing GM soya appears to contradict that advertising campaign.

Marcus Williamson continues:

"There have never been any independent safety tests of the GM soya and GM maize on the market today. I have been asking Sir John Krebs of the Food Standards Agency for many months for evidence of independent safety tests of GM foods. It seems that no such evidence is available.

If the supermarkets do not keep the food supply clear of GM foods, we will see another BSE in years to come."


Marcus Williamson
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Greg Dawson

Notes to Editors

  • Genetically Modified soya has been altered to make it tolerant to the herbicide, "RoundUp", manufactured by Monsanto. This allows more herbicide to be sprayed onto the plant, killing all other plants in the immediate area. The longterm effects of RoundUp on the health of humans, animals and the environment are not known.

  • Bacos is a "bacon chips" product sold in 116g containers at the supermarkets listed above.

  • The UK distributor of Betty Crocker BacOs is Andutra Ltd whose website can be found here:

  • The list of UK stockists of Betty Crocker BacOs can be found here:

  • For information about the GM contamination of tortilla chips in UK supermarkets, see:
    "Illegal GM ingredients found in UK supermarkets"