Japanese operator of Sushi King restaurants, the Texchem Group has revealed plans of a Bt70m investment in Thailand, with a view to opening between eight and ten new branches in the country by the end of this year.

The new branches are expected to increase Sushi King sales to Bt400m and executive vice president of the Texchem Group, Y Nishida, commented: "Sushi King plans to add another 3-4 new outlets to the one already in Thailand and another 4-5 outlets to the 21 in Malaysia." Each new outlet requires approximately Bt10-15m.

By offering reasonable prices and some local food, Sushi King is hoping to attract Thai consumers as it has in Malaysia. Its first Thai outlet, opened last September, has yet to reach expected sales revenue however, something Nishida attributes to the fact that the brand is still unknown. Furthermore, Thai custom dictates that people spend a long time over meals, contributing to the lack of turnover.

Sushi King has planned two sales campaigns to promote the chain in Thailand, with slogans such as "Eat More Pay Less" and a competition called "the King and Queen of Sushi."

"Besides the sales promotions, Sushi King's high food quality control, good service and reasonable prices will win the customers' satisfaction and encourage them to come again," said Nishida.