SynergyDiet, which serves the emerging segment of "healthy dieters," announces its expanded line of snacks, foods and beverages for low carbohydrate dieters unwilling to sacrifice great taste and variety. The product line includes low carbohydrate breads, cereals, bagels, muffins, candies, chocolates, snack bars, chips, desserts, beverages, pastas, condiments, and much more."Healthy dieters, who have turned to low carb diets for weight, health or medical reasons, can now enjoy the foods they crave without fear of gaining weight or significantly raising their blood sugar levels," says Brian C. Smith, CEO for SynergyDiet. "We are excited to offer these great tasting new choices to the growing number of healthy dieters."Healthy dieters are people who are on low carbohydrate diets for weight, health or medical reasons, including those with Type 1 and 2 diabetes. While this growing population believes that they will live longer, healthier, more active lives by maintaining normal weight and blood sugar levels, they are unwilling to sacrifice great taste and variety in their diets.SynergyDiet offers healthy dieters a complete line of high quality, low carbohydrate foods that taste as good or better than the real thing. All products are carefully selected and imported from companies all over the world. While the majority of these products have been available in other countries for many years, SynergyDiet is the first and only company to bring them to the United States.More information may be obtained on SynergyDiet products online at