Anti-bacteria technology company Tasker Capital Corp has received authorisation from the United States Department of Agriculture to start in-plant trials of its pHarlo technology to determine its efficacy in reducing pathogenic bacteria under commercial conditions.

The trial is expected to begin shortly at a commercial poultry processor's plant located in Athens, Georgia and is expected to last five weeks, the company said.

This authorization is the final step towards establishing full scale application of its technology for poultry processing, it said. The birds processed during this in-plant trial will be allowed to be sold for public consumption. The successful completion of the commercial trials is expected to result in final authorization from the USDA to continue the use of pHarlo for the scalding process of poultry processing on a full-scale basis in the US, which will enable Tasker to contract for the supply of its technology.

"Tasker's pHarlo technology is a totally new and unique process that could revolutionize the food processing industry," said Dr Scott Russell, a member of Taskers Executive Advisory Committee. "As such, the USDA is meticulously examining its potential to validate benefits in food safety."

"Potential applications of pHarlo in the (pre- and post-harvest) processing of other food products, such as meat, seafood, eggs, fruit and vegetable, are significant," he said. "While seafood is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, for which Tasker has approval under the Generally Regarded as Safe classification, the USDA, through its Food Safety and Inspection Service, oversees meat, poultry and egg products. Achieving USDA approval for the use of pHarlo in the scalder of poultry processing is a major step for Tasker in its entry in the food processing industry."