Tasty Fries, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: TFRY) -- "I am pleased to announce that Tasty Fries has placed four of its French fry vending machines in public and corporate locations in the greater Portsmouth, New Hampshire area," Edward Kelly, President of Tasty Fries, said today."Our production facility is located in New Hampshire," Kelly said, "so we placed our first vending machines near our facility in order to fine tune our restocking and service plans. As we phase in, we plan to introduce our product to other geographic areas."Tasty Fries French fries can be purchased by the general public from the Company's vending machine located at:Bowl USA30 Fox Run RoadNewington, New HampshireTasty Fries(TM) multi-patented machines prepare, cook and dispense French fries with the flavor, aroma and texture of freshly cut French fries. Total cooking time is less than 90 seconds. The fries are made from top quality potato product, and cooked in cholesterol-free oil using state-of-the-art robotics technology.For more information about this and other related developments, visit the Company's web site at