Tate & Lyle, a world leader in sugar, cereal sweeteners and starches, today announced its preliminary results for the 78 weeks ended March 25, 2000. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 2000 2000 2000 1999 PRELIMINARY RESULTS TO MARCH 78 weeks 52 weeks 52 weeks 52 weeks---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sales (pound)6,183m (pound)4,090m $6,585 (pound)4,359m Profit before tax,reorganization costsand exceptional items (pound)318m (pound)225m $362 (pound)173m Profit beforetax and exceptionalitems (pound)300m (pound)209m $336 (pound)171m Profit beforetaxation (pound)287m (pound)191m $308 (pound)184m EPS (diluted) beforeexceptional items 45.2p 29.9p 48.1(cent) 28.4p EPS (diluted) 40.2p 24.2p 39.0(cent) 30.4p Dividends perordinary share 26.9p 21.4p 34.5(cent) 17.2p----------------------------------------------------------------------