Retail giant Tesco has expanded its free-from portfolio in the UK to include a chilled range of products.

Tesco said it will become the first UK retailer to offer a "comprehensive" chilled range of dairy-free products including soya milks, spreads, yogurt and desserts. The retailer said it aims to address the greatest demand of free-from foods - dairy.

Included in the chilled range will be six yoghurts; seven desserts; seven milk alternatives; six dairy cheese alternatives and two dairy-free spreads. All products will be dairy-free in addition to being free from gluten, wheat and egg.

"Just ten years ago if you suffered from a food allergy you would have to go out of your way to specialist health shops in order to find dairy, wheat or gluten free foods. There weren't many from which to choose, and they often tasted quite bland," said Tesco dairy customer manager Paul Duszynski.

"Tesco was the first UK retailer to launch a Free From brand back in 2003 and we're proud that we're still leading the way by introducing new products for our customers. People who used to suffer the symptoms of intolerance or allergy in silence can now easily find high quality wheat, gluten and dairy free products when they do their weekly shop," he added.

With the launch of the chilled dairy-free products there will now be around 200 lines in the Tesco Free From range.