UK retail giant Tesco is in talks to open Britain's first pensioner-friendly supermarket, just-food was told today (29 August).

A store already earmarked by Tesco on the site of Newcastle General Hospital, which is currently in the process of closing down, may be designed with pensioners in mind, a spokesperson said.

A planning application has been made by the retailer for the site in the north-east, which will also be the base for Newcastle University's Institute for Ageing and Health.

"They are leaders in the field for looking at ageing and lifestyles for older people and whenever Tesco opens up a new store we consult the local community on our plans," Michael Kissman, Tesco's corporate affairs manager, told just-food. "We said to them that if we are going to be neighbours that we should listen to what they've got to say."

Kissman said the Institute has sent a delegation to Germany to visit a "good example" of a pensioner-friendly store.

"We said we'd have a chat with them when they get back," Kissman added. "There is no more to it than that at the moment. They are leaders in their field and we said we'll listen to what they've got to say.

"We will see if it can fit in with the plans and look at what is right for each store on its own merits. We haven't had the feedback yet so we will have a chat with them when they get back and see what happens from there."

Kissman did not disclose a budget for the intended store.