Tesco is the most recognisable private label in Poland, according to a survey by PMR Research.

The study published today (4 December), showed that the purchasing of private labels is no longer treated merely as a way to shop economically in Poland.

Some 66% of respondents said buying own-label goods helped them shop economically but 56% of those asked said plumping for private label was also a clever, wise way to shop (56%).

More than two-fifths of the interviewees claimed that they buy private labels more often compared to a year ago and 27% said own brands constituted a significant part of their shopping.

The study, conducted on a nationwide sample of Polish consumers in September, found that the most recognisable private labels in the country are Tesco and Metro Group's Real Quality, which are recognised by 61% of respondents.

At the same time, 60% recognised the Carrefour brand, and 40% highlighted Tesco Korzystny Zakup, another Tesco brand.

Polish brands Wiodaca Marka, Pierwsza Cena and ECO+ fared less well in the survey.

PMR concluded that respondents mostly point to the brands whose name they associate with the name of a retail chain, or the brands which comprise this name.

Among the private-label products bought by respondents in the survey, the most frequently purchased categories are food and household cleaning products.

The most often bought foods under own brand are dairy products and dry food such as pasta, rice, flour, tea and coffee.

During the survey, PMR also asked where the respondents most frequently do their shopping. Four retail chains came out on top: Jeronimo Martin's Biedronka, Metro's Real, Tesco and Carrefour.