UK retailer Tesco has hit out at critics of its trial self-service store, arguing that the move to reduce cashiers has had no impact on staff levels.

The Tesco Express convenience shop in Kingsley, Northampton, was opened four weeks ago as part of an "open-ended" trial. The store has five self-service checkouts but no manned tills.

"This small trial is looking at how more self service checkouts might provide a better service in small convenience stores by freeing up staff to be on the shop floor with customers," a spokesperson for the retailer told just-food.

"The same number of staff are working in the store, they are just doing different things. The number of staff won't change. The customer interaction won't change."

The spokesperson insisted that Tesco was "creating" jobs, not cutting them, with 11,000 new jobs created this year.

"The checkouts are supervised at all times to ensure customers get the same great service and the feedback has been good so far. New technology has a part to play in doing a better job for customers but we will always have staff on hand to offer that personal touch."