Tesco bringing Price Promise to the till

Tesco bringing Price Promise to the till

Tesco is preparing to transfer its Price Pledge promotion to a till-based system in the UK next week.

The UK retailer is briefing store staff on the move, which will extend its trial of a point-of-purchase voucher system in Northern Ireland, just-food understands. 

Tesco's Price Promise enables consumers to enter details from their receipt onto the retailer's website, which will then compare the shop to prices at Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons. If the shop would have been cheaper elsewhere, customers receive a voucher to make up the difference.

The Price Promise price comparison mechanism looks set to go live at the till on Monday (11 March).

Like Sainsbury's Brand Match campaign, from next week Tesco's Price Pledge will provide consumers with a voucher at the till if their shopping would have been cheaper at a rival. However, the price comparison extends to all products - not just big brands, a source confirmed.