•  Tesco launches Yum venture brand into UK stores
Tesco said it has given its Yum range a "fresh-faced, contemporary" feel

Tesco said it has given its Yum range a "fresh-faced, contemporary" feel

UK retail giant Tesco has launched its latest "venture brand" under the name Yum.

Produced exclusively for Tesco by dairy giant Arla Foods, the range, which launches this week, comprises Yum Spreadable and Yum Buttery Spread.

Tesco said it has given the range a "fresh-faced, contemporary" feel with "eyecatching" black packaging.

The launch is latest in the UK retailer's "venture brands". Tesco announced plans in May last year to launch a raft of global venture brands. Products on sales so far include Chokablok ice cream and Italian food brand Parioli.

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It's true that the simplest message is often the most effective which is why Tesco have created a new range of butters and spreads, named simply, YUM.

It's not just in a name however, YUM is made with best quality ingredients and sets itself apart from other brands with its eyecatching, black packaging that you'll spot as soon as it hits the shelves. YUM's fresh-faced, contemporary feel is perfect to liven up your shopping basket, your fridge and your table.

YUM butter is a kitchen stalwart. This creamy, flavoursome butter is perfect, melted onto hot, fluffy jacket potatoes or spread onto thickly sliced bread or hot-from-the oven scones. Or, use it for baking to make perfect pastry, brilliant biscuits and showstopper cakes.

For those looking for the flavour of butter but with a smooth, spreadable texture, the answer lies in YUM Spreadable. A blend of butter and vegetable oil that not only allows you to spread on toast and crumpets more easily but also contains less fat. Creamy, spreadable and versatile enough to use for spreading, cooking and baking, YUM Spreadable is the go-to solution when you're not sure which to choose.

Olive oil has long been recognised for its health giving properties. For a flavour of the Mediterranean, try YUM Olive Spread, incorporating the rich, nutty flavour of olive oil into a delicious spread.

And for a simple, one size fits all option, try YUM Buttery Spread that's made from real buttermilk for a truly authentic buttery flavour. Great for last minute packed lunches - just spread and go!

Available from selected Tesco stores from 16th July.


Original source: Tesco