Tesco has switched Robert Wiseman Dairies' Fresh'n'Lo and The One milk lines from its shelves in favour of a private-label line made by the UK milk processor.

The retail giant said today (23 October) that it has replaced the two milks with an own-label 0.75% fat milk dubbed Creamfields for "consistency" purposes.

A spokesperson for the retailer to just-food: "It hasn't been replaced by an alternative brand, it is still with Robert Wiseman. It is just consistency. We launched the discounter range last year and we've already got products within this range so it's just consistency for customers with the same dairy.

Asked whether there was a lack of demand for the Fresh'n'Lo and The One lines, he added: "There was demand but it's just to give customers consistency. That range has just been extended so supply will still come from Robert Wiseman. It will be slightly cheaper for customers. So it's improving value for customers looking to save money but also consistency with the supply."

A two-litre version of the Creamfields milk retails at 6p cheaper than Fresh'n'Lo at GBP1.

A spokesperson for Robert Wiseman Dairies told just-food: "We're delighted to be providing Tesco with offerings across the fresh milk category."

In March, Wiseman, which supplies a number of UK retailers, said its share of Tesco's private-label fresh milk range would fall from 60% to 50% from May.

The dairy firm said the fall in volumes would hit operating profits in the year to 3 April 2010 by GBP2m.

Wiseman said that while it was "disappointed" to have lost volumes with Tesco, the new business it has with Sainsbury's and the Co-op helps to mitigate the volume loss.