UK retail giant Tesco has today (27 February) announced that it will cut the price on around 500 frozen food lines among 3,000 reductions across a number of categories.

"Frozen food sales are significantly up on last year as consumers fill their freezers in a bid to cut back on wasted food," the company said.

Around 3,000 more prices are expected to be cut on everyday items from fresh meat to baby food as Tesco continues its New Year price campaign into Easter.

Tesco commercial and marketing director Richard Brasher said: "Millions of customers are right now worrying about how they are going to make this month's pay packet stretch until the next one arrives. The answer for an increasing number is to stock up the freezer while they have cash in their pockets.

With the launch of our 'deep freeze' campaign we hope to have made things a little easier. And with thousands more prices falling customers can stock up for a happy Easter without worrying so much about the cost."
The price cuts on frozen food include Walls ice cream - 1 litre - GBP1 (US$1.43), ten Birds Eye Omega 3 fish fingers for GBP1 and McCain Beer battered chips also for GBP1.

In other categories, Tesco's price cuts include class 1 Tesco strawberries from GBP2.10 to GBP1.55 and Sara Lee lemon meringue pie, down from GBP2.99 to GBP1.49.