A tomato that tastes "as sweet as a peach" will go on sale in Tesco stores throughout the UK tomorrow (25 November) in a bid to encourage children to eat healthily.

The gourmet Sugardrop tomato is a hybrid of two tomato varieties that has been created to appeal to people who may find ordinary tomatoes slightly sharp, the retailer claimed.

"A few years ago we sat down with our suppliers and asked them to find us a high quality tomato that would appeal to gourmets with a sweet tooth," said Ashleigh McWilliams, tomato buyer for Tesco.

"The result is the Sugardrop which is the sweetest tomato there has ever been and now this week UK shoppers will be the first to try it."

The Sugardrop is grown on the Costa Calida, in Murcia, south west Spain and has been created by Tesco grower Paloma.

However, the grower has refused to reveal which varieties were crossed to produce the tomato due to "the highly competitive world tomato market".

McWilliams added: "As tomatoes are so healthy we're hoping that the added sweetness of the Sugardrop will also appeal to children who might otherwise turn their noses up at them."

Launched at the same time will be another variety called Moruno, which has a "complex, aromatic flavour that lingers for a while on the tastebuds".

Both tomato varieties are being sold as part of Tesco's Finest food range. Each costs GBP1.50 (US$2.48) for a 280g punnet.