Slovakia Extra store first outside of UK

Slovakia Extra store first outside of UK

Tesco has opened a store under the Extra banner in Slovakia, the first for the retail giant outside the UK.

A spokesperson for Tesco told just-food today (31 March) that the store is a trial and adds to the 70 stores it currently has in Slovakia.

“[Tesco] has refurbished an existing store in Bratislava, Slovakia, under the Tesco Extra banner so they’re providing a range of Extra services,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s a trial…obviously we have the Extra in the UK, but it’s not the same in Slovakia…it’s not a new store, they’re just refurbished the inside and have changed the layout of the store. This is just about listening to customers to see if this new approach will work,” he added.

“We’re a market leader in Slovakia. When we last announced our last results we had 70 stores in Slovakia, which makes it one of the smaller markets by number of stores. But in terms of market share it’s one of the larger ones.”