Tesco is planning to launch "irregular" sizes of bread when it brings out loaves weighing 300g, 600g and 1,000g.

According to current UK regulations, bread weighing more than 300g must be sold as either 400g or 800g loaves. However, the UK is planning to relax this law.

Tesco said the 300g loaf will be aimed single householders, while the 600g loaf is targeted at a small family and the 1,000g "weekender" loaf will appeal to larger families.

"The end of restrictions on the size of a traditional standard loaf is a huge milestone for the British bakery industry and one that takes into account important social changes," Tesco in-store bakery spokesman Simon Holt said. 

"We believe that having a range of different bread sizes will help towards reducing food waste in this country and will finally bring Britain in line with bread sizes across the rest of Europe."