Packaging giant Tetra Pak has completed the latest stage of expansion at its site in Beijing.

The company said the investment at its facility in the Chinese capital had boosted its production capacity in the country to 40bn packs. Tetra Pak will have four production sites in China, once its facility in Inner Mongolia is completed next year.

"Tetra Pak is now well positioned to provide better and faster services to our customers in China," said Nils Bjorkman, executive vice president of Tetra Pak.

The company's presence in China has rapidly expanded over the last decade with the boom in milk consumption.

Just eight years ago, Tetra Pak was struggling to get any kind of presence in China. But in 1999, the Chinese government decided to vigorously promote milk consumption, particularly among schoolchildren.

Now, Tetra Pak's two largest customers by sales volume are Chinese dairy companies.