The California Poultry Federation (CPF) has bestowed its highest rating -- "F for Fowl-Approved" -- on DreamWorks Pictures and Aardman Studios' upcoming animated release "Chicken Run." That same honor has been given to Universal Studios Hollywood's newest attraction for the film. The theme park's "Chicken Run Maze" takes guests behind the scenes of the movie as theater-goers everywhere ruffle their bills in anticipation of both the movie and attraction openings this week. The attraction opened Thursday after a poultry-only premiere featuring a flock of celebrity chickens in attendance. The movie opens Friday, June 23 nationwide. Fresh off their red-carpet arrival at the premiere Thursday morning, two of CPF's spokes-birds hatched their opinions. CPF spokes-turkey Hedda Gobbler crowed, "Universal Studios plucked a winner with this one! They know eggs-actly what people want in a summer attraction." CPF's other mascot, the California Chick, agreed, "It's no yolk! The attraction is really something to shake a tail feather at." As for the movie, both California Poultry spokesbirds wanted to remind audiences that although "Chicken Run" tells the story of a flock of brave chickens who are determined to escape from the farm before they can be turned into chicken pot pies, this is certainly not the case in real life. "We California poultry pride ourselves on being fresh, tender and juicy," explained Gobbler. "We live to be someone's special entree! It really gives us something to strut about." The California Poultry Federation, a non-profit organization, represents the chicken, turkey, and meatbird industry in California. Its mission is to promote fresh standards in all poultry.