This week FAPAS® launches the third edition of its test material index. This publication gives details of FAPAS® test materials available for use as quality control samples in laboratories throughout the food analysis sector.As part of its commitment to support improvements in the analytical performance of food laboratories, FAPAS® supplies test materials for a variety of analytes in a wide range of real food matrices. They are invaluable for validating methods and for calibrating equipment. Many laboratories also use them as standards for both internal and accredited quality control procedures, as well as training materials for new analysts. For many matrices and analytes FAPAS® can provide a long-term supply of a test material as a cost-effective alternative to certified reference materials and often the only "reference materials" available for this purpose.Test materials which are currently available include canned meat for proximate analysis, soft drinks for artificial colours, sweeteners and preservatives, maize for aflatoxins and vegetable oils for fatty acids. Soya flour test material containing genetically modified soya will be available from October.The assigned value and acceptable range for analytes in FAPAS® test materials are derived from data submitted by laboratories worldwide who participate in FAPAS® proficiency testing rounds. For a free copy of the test material index or details on proficiency testing contact Dr Linda Owen by e-mailing