Noble Foods The Happy Egg Company brand launches organic lines in California

Noble Foods' The Happy Egg Company brand launches organic lines in California

The Happy Egg Company hopes to further strengthen its position as a supplier of humane eggs in the United States with a new organic free-range that it is distributing in select stores in California. 

The UK brand, which was set up by Noble Foods in 2009, has established a strong base in the US with its existing 12- and six-pack cartons of free-range eggs already on sale in 6,500 stores across the country. 

The new organic eggs will go on sale first in Californian locations including Costco in the Bay Area near San Francisco and Gelson’s and Bristol Farms in southern California. But the company hopes to be able to offer its organic free-range eggs across the country in due course. 

COO David Wagstaff said The Happy Egg Company's move into the organic market gives US consumers the chance to buy "a truly humanely raised egg, providing affordable, free-range eggs from organic hens that have been treated with the highest quality of care".

The Happy Egg Company is investing in expanding its number of both organic and non-organic egg farms to satisfy what it said was "skyrocketing demand for food that is organic and humanely-produced with transparency through the supply chain". It said it was proud to give its birds "hendependence" and allow them the freedom to run around outdoors every day. 

The group also pointed to recent data from Mintel, which predicted US sales of natural, organic and better-for-you products are expected to grow 8.1% annually to $226bn by 2018. Sales of just organic food were $39bn in 2014.  

The Happy Egg Company claims to be the only 100% free-range egg company that has an animal welfare programme that covers everything from living conditions to feed to the expertise of its staff. It was also the first US commercial egg producer to be American Humane Certified for its animal welfare standards.