For the last 13 years, IRI has published its New Product Pacesetters report, an analysis that showcases the ten best-selling new food and beverage products in the US.

In 2007, IRI said health and wellness "reigned supreme" and the analysts saw the trend as a "fundamental shift" in the way US consumers perceived food.

No longer were US consumers just looking at food as a source of enjoyment and satisfaction but as a means to deliver specific health benefits.

In 2008, IRI believes functional foods will "win big" - it will be interesting to see whether that prediction comes true.

For our interview with IRI's Sheila McCusker on the report's findings, published today (11 March), click here.

For the time being, here is the list of the best-selling ten new food and beverage products in the US last year.
2006-2007 New Product Pacesetters: Top 10 Food & Beverage Brands
(Total year-one dollar sales across food, drug, mass channels, excluding Wal-Mart) 

1. Campbell's Reduced Sodium Soup. Sales = $101m 

2. Bird's Eye Steamfresh Frozen Vegetables   $87m  

3. Vault/Vault Zero Regular/Diet Soft Drinks   $70m  

4. Gatorade A.M. Sports Drinks   $70m  

5. General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bars   $64m  

6. Heineken Premium Light Lager Beer $63m  

7. Dannon DanActive Probiotic Dairy Drinks   $63m  

8. Sara Lee Hearty and Delicious Breads $63m  

9. Dannon Activia Light Yogurt   $62m  

10. Jazz Diet Pepsi   $56m  
Source: IRI New Product Profiler

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