An American family has been captured by Turkish culture. Ten years ago, the Rosenbergs of Portland, Oregon discovered Turkey and immediately fell in love with its people, culture and history. Today the Olive Farm, is one of the leading importers of Turkish olive oil into the United States. The family enjoyed Turkey so much they bought land near the southwestern coast. When olives were found on the property they began producing limited quantities of olive oil. Encouragement from family and friends led them to build a state-of-the-art mill on the farm, where the oil is produced in a process that guarantees freshness and preserves its natural essence and nutrients. Then the oil is shipped from Turkey to Portland, where the retail and mail order business is located. The family controls the entire process from the harvesting of the olives to selling and shipping it to customers. "We are committed to ensuring the consistent quality and flavor of our oil, we will not sell it in grocery stores or restaurants where heat, light and exposure to air cannot be controlled and monitored," said Kurt Rosenberg, CEO/Manager. Currently Olive Farm olive oil is only sold through their website,