US convenience store operator The Pantry has announced that it will sell off 114 sites throughout the south east of the country.

Commenting on the move, Jim Bosworth, VP of real estate at The Pantry, said that the company was selling off sites that failed to meet the retailer's current strategic objectives.

"These are sites that don't fit our current strategy, but they can be excellent locations for the right buyers," he said.

The stores are located in a variety of markets: three in Alabama, 28 in Florida, seven in Georgia, three in Kentucky, five in Mississippi, 41 in North Carolina, 12 in South Carolina, four in Tennessee and 11 in Virginia. All are c-stores with forecourts, except one which is a standalone store.

NRC Realty & Capital Advisors are acting on behalf of the company to oversee the sale. NRC will sell the stores using its "buy one, some or all" sealed bid sale process, with the exception of 22 stores that will be offered in packages ranging from two to eight stores each in five markets, the real estate firm said.