The Pillsbury Company (NYSE: DEO) is voluntarily recalling a number of frozen biscuit products bearing specific production date codes because the frozen biscuits may contain plastic strands. These strands were found in a limited amount of product during the manufacturing process. Consumption of this product could result in a choking hazard. The company has notified the Food and Drug Administration of its plan to complete this voluntary recall. This voluntary recall does not include any Pillsbury refrigerated biscuits sold in the dairy case.

The affected product was distributed nationally to retail stores. 30,000 cases, containing products with the following UPC codes and production date codes, are being recalled.

  • Pillsbury Homestyle (or Home Baked Classics) Frozen Buttermilk Biscuits
  • UPC Code 18000-85516
  • Production Date Code F1 1062 11
  • Pillsbury Homestyle Frozen Biscuits - Southern Style
  • UPC Code 18000-85524 or 18000-89496
  • Production Date Codes F1 1062 08

F1 1062 18

F1 1062 19

F1 1062 23

F1 1062 25

    Pillsbury Frozen Biscuits (20 count)
    UPC Code 94562-06275      All packages with this UPC Code

Any consumer who purchased Pillsbury frozen biscuits with any of the above referenced UPC codes and production date codes should call Pillsbury at 1-800-775-0625 for further information