The following was issued today by Tidewater Inn of Easton Maryland:

We are pleased to announce that the Tidewater Inn of Easton Maryland, a full service hotel of distinction for over fifty years, has opened a unique and distinguished "E" Commerce Specialty Food site, Our site provides nationwide access to our award winning Tidewater Inn Eastern Shore cuisine.

Executive Chef, Raymond Copper, who has in his thirty-five years at the Tidewater Inn been nationally recognized by numerous prestigious professional culinary organizations and media, and Edward M. Slavinski, Vice President and General Manager, will lead this venture by the Tidewater Inn, along with the hotel's highly trained culinary staff.

The Tidewater Inn has been providing mail order shipments of our handmade specialty soups and Maryland crab presentations for our customers for many years. "The expansion of our "E" Commerce outlet, coupled with the packaging and delivery systems today, is a natural extension of what we have been doing for years," said Mr. Slavinski. "Now we can deliver fresh products the next day to the entire United States. Quality and freshness are not a compromise -- you will receive the same product we are preparing in our restaurants on the day you receive your order," added Chef Raymond Copper.

The Tidewater Inn's initial offerings will include our special Eastern Shore culinary presentations: Snapper Soup (as in real snapper turtle), a long time unique favorite, will lead our additional offerings of fresh crab based products that include soups, dips, appetizers and entrees. Our products will be marketed under the Tidewater Signature Foods(TM) banner and will be offered initially to our retail markets and then to specialty shops and up-scale restaurants and hotels.

The Tidewater Inn in Easton, Maryland, home of the annual Waterfowl Festival in early November, serves over 115,000 meals annually to our guests.

Our Internet site can be reached at -- our home page will allow a direct link to our Tidewater Inn Signature Foods(TM) store site.