MPM announced today that it is introducing a new type of edible oil to the American market. Hand made in Morocco and bottled in France by Argania, this virgin argan oil has charmed many great chefs all around the world.

In France chefs such as Michel del Burgo -- Taillevent -- Paris, Pierre Gagnaire -- Pierre Gagnaire -- Paris, Guy Martin -- Le Grand Vefour -- Paris, Frederic Anton -- Le Pre Catelan -- Paris. In Japan, Shuhei Maeda -- Hankyu International -- Osaka. In the U.S., Phillipe Schmit -- Orsay -- NYC, Paul Liebrandt -- Atlas -- NYC, Christian Touche -- Clio -- Boston.

The argan oil introduction in the US market comes at a time when interest for authentic natural food products skillfully crafted by artisans following age-old techniques is growing rapidly among American consumers. Soon, every top chef in the U.S. will request Argania's Argan oil, in their search of new flavors.

''What makes this oil unique is a thousand year old artisanal method perpetuated by Berber women in Morocco. Add to that a tree literally unknown to the rest of the planet, declared a protected specie by UNESCO. One tree yields seasonally 220 pounds of nuts, after 12 hours of processing by the Berber women only yields one liter of this fine oil. Combine all of the above with an inimitable flavor and you get argan oil,'' says Vincent Lampariello president of Marco Polo Marketing.

Other brands of argan oil claim authenticity but fall short. Argania offers the only artisannally made argan oil produced entirely by hand. This is why the top gourmet stores have chosen to feature it. To name a few in NYC Dean & Deluca, Garden of Eden, Amish Market and newly opened Turquacino on Bleecker street.

Argan oil from Argania is imported to the U.S. from France by Marco Polo Marketing part of Molae Food Group Ltd., based in North Bergen, New Jersey.