Thomas Food Industry Register announces the launch of Order Online -- an efficient, affordable way for manufacturers and distributors in the food industry to expand business and approach e- commerce opportunities.

Order Online is fully integrated with Thomas Food Industry Register, the most comprehensive buying guide/search engine for the food industry. With Order Online, manufacturers and distributors can attract additional business by posting online a line item catalog, featuring an unlimited number of products with detailed specifications and photographs. And, for those who prefer, Order Online offers the ability to conduct credit card transactions with real-time processing. For those who don't want to post prices, the system defaults to an RFQ and generates qualified leads for the supplier.

"The traditional channels of distribution are changing," states Linda Rigano, Publisher of Thomas Industry Food Register. "Convenience and access to wider product selection is key. And, with virtually no time constraints for sourcing and purchasing, electronic business is on the rise. According to Jupiter Communications, the food and beverage industry will see B-to-B online sales of over $500 billion by the year 2005. Order Online can help provide the competitive edge for food industry executives."

Order Online, a simple and inexpensive feature from TFIR's existing marketing mix, enables a manufacturer or distributor to put their company's entire product line in front of a prospect or customer at the moment they are ready to do business. Not only can buyers and specifiers use TFIR's search engine to locate suppliers, they will also be able to request quotes and purchase products via a searchable online catalog indexed by Thomas Food Industry Register product headings. A manufacturer can prioritize their position in the database search results via participation in Order Online and TFIR's integrated advertising program. Furthermore, Order Online can be tailored to include volume discounts, warranty, tax and shipping information.

It's simple to get started with Order Online. A printed catalog, with product descriptions and specifications, as well as photographs and applicable pricing information is forwarded to Thomas Food Industry Register. TFIR does all the labor-intensive work -- from designing the online catalog to hosting the site. Manufacturers and distributors will then manage their individual catalogs. They can update information quickly and efficiently with an uncomplicated web-based tool provided by Thomas Food Industry Register. A TFIR representative is assigned as a guide through every step of creating and maintaining a catalog.

With the ease and capability of this service, Order Online answers the question of how to embrace e-commerce effectively, affordably and efficiently.

For more information and a detailed demonstration on how Order Online can help your business flourish, call Thomas Food Industry Register at 800-305-TFIR or 212-290-7341. Email: