A new enforcement regime capable of supporting a tiered system of scallop testing is being urgently considered by the Food Standards Agency.The announcement comes after a positive meeting between Agency representatives and key officials from the European Commission's Standing Veterinary Committee, aimed at introducing a new regime which continues to protect public health while not putting undue pressure on the industry.Following the discussions in Brussels, Lydia Wilkie Assistant Director to the Food Standards Agency Scotland, said:"We have had a very meaningful discussion with the EC and are confident that we are making significant progress towards identifying a solution to the problem of shellfish toxins. The Commission has been made fully aware by the Agency of the extent of the problems being faced by the UK's scallop industry, particularly in Scotland, following the recent outbreaks of Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning (ASP) and Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP). Both the Agency and the EC are keen to find a way forward, while fully acknowledging that the protection of public health has to be the main priority."We will continue to examine how we can work within the Shellfish Hygiene Directive and find an enforcement and testing regime which works in the interests of both the consumer and the industry." For further information, media should contact John Booth or Louise Bisset, Media & Communications Office, on 01224 285120 or 01224 285127.