UK jam manufacturer Tiptree has said that it has outgrown its current premises in namesake town in Essex and is looking to build a new plant at another location.

The company has started work on initial proposals and is seeking local views before a formal planning application is made.

It is considering two options - building a small factory for its Thursday Cottage brand and a Visitors' Centre for the company in Tiptree, funded by homes on the existing site and moving the main factory to a new location elsewhere.

Alternatively, it is considering building a new factory in Tiptree and concentrating long-term business growth in the village. The manufacturer said this would be the preferred option, but would require "further enabling development". The company said the plan would also bring further employment to the village, include benefits such as public open space, recreational facilities or "other needs as identified by the local community.

The company said that it would cost some GBP15m (US$24m) to build a new factory in Tiptree compared to GBP8m to buy or GBP750,000 to rent annually elsewhere in the region.

"Eighty percent of our current staff live in the village and we expect to employ 500 people by 2030," joint managing director Ian Thurgood said. "Local support is a key factor for business expansion.

"The jam factory is an integral part of village life for Tiptree and moving away would be the very last resort for us, it's not something we want to contemplate."