Transora Chief Executive Judy Sprieser shared results from the company's first year in business with investors and customers during a web-based conference call yesterday. During the meeting, Sprieser reviewed the phases of Transora's development, outlined features and services that are commercially available today, and shared her perspective on the e-Marketplace's future growth prospects.

"The foundation that we have established for Transora is a solid base from which to move forward, with the revenue we projected for calendar year 2001 pledged in annual subscription agreements," noted Sprieser. "With our latest forecast, we anticipate that Transora will reach break-even by late 2002, which is well in line with the original business plan that was presented last year."

Less than one year after opening its doors for business, Transora has launched services that address its customers' procurement and supply chain needs, with additional capabilities simplifying relationships that manufacturers have with retail customers.

Sprieser noted that Transora's current customer base includes companies whose combined sales exceed $160 billion - almost 25% of Transora's initial investor base. Among Transora's customers are such companies as Coca-Cola North America, the Earthgrains Company, Hershey Foods Corporation, the Procter & Gamble Company, Reckitt Benckiser, Inc., and Unilever. In purchasing an annual subscription to Transora, these companies can now utilize any of Transora's foundational services, including collaborative procurement, item catalogue and CPFR.

"I am extremely pleased with the progress that Transora has made in launching our services, enrolling customers in our subscription program, and validating our original value proposition," said Sprieser. "Our focus now is on accelerating the adoption of services for this impressive list of customers so that they may quickly realize the immediate value of these capabilities."

Transora's Unique Value Calculator

To help organizations identify the areas that will benefit most quickly from its services, Transora has developed the industry's first robust value calculator. This tool aligns the e-business strategy of a manufacturer with the services Transora currently has in the marketplace. The calculator helps customers prioritize an adoption strategy that maximizes value and creates an implementation plan that gets the quickest return from Transora. Sprieser unveiled this feature earlier in the month at the Grocery Manufacturer's of America annual Board of Directors' meeting.

Sprieser also noted Transora's rapid adoption and implementation of global industry standards for services ranging from item registry and data catalogue to CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment).

"It has been gratifying to see other industry participants follow Transora's lead in developing new standards," noted Sprieser. "During the last year Transora has helped to revolutionize the way that standards are created, speeding up development and immediately testing them in the marketplace. Standards are the backbone on which supply-chain connectivity and optimization is built."

Sprieser also noted the prohibitive cost that implementing these services and standards on a company-by-company basis. "This has been where the real value of Transora has come in," Sprieser said. "We have built industry-wide standards and platforms that bring together trading partners, sharing the technology costs on tools that will serve the entire industry."

"The ability to share the cost of development of infrastructure will allow all who participate to take more costs out of the supply chain at a much faster rate," added Sprieser. "This will allow manufacturers and their trading partners to focus on what is really important: developing value added products and serving consumer's needs."

Finally, Sprieser addressed Transora's financial health and the company's long-term prospects.

"For our foundational services, our major investments in R&D and technology infrastructure are clearly behind us," she noted. "Transora's cost structure has moved to a much more traditional model - one that correlates to service adoption. This model will help to ensure our long-term viability," Sprieser said.

About Transora
Transora is the world's largest open, standards-based B2B e-Marketplace for the global consumer products industry. Established with the support of more than 50 major consumer packaged goods companies, Transora allows all industry participants - suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers - to optimize value chain operations and improve total business productivity via the Internet. Visit Transora at