Transora, the new electronic private market, linking 49 of the greatest consumer products manufacturers - many of them in the food business - is expected to make life tough for traditional small suppliers and retailers for some years to come.

From this week, companies such as Bestfoods, Campbell Soups Co, Danone Foods Inc, Heineken International, the Hersche Food Corporation and Cadbury Schweppes will be able to conduct business electronically, using a common platform with shared standards.

Transora is designed for business to business transactions, it will eventually cover the supply chain from suppliers to manufacturers to retailers. It will host systems for procurement, vendor and product catalogues, online order management, and financial services.

In a exclusive, Kate Ellerton looks at the new business platform for the likes of Heinz, Campbell Soups, Danone, Heineken International, and Cadbury Schweppes, and also the viability - and likelihood - of much smaller participants.

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