A top adviser for Caesar Barber's lawsuit against four national restaurants, alleging that they made him obese, has publicly dismissed the suit and announced that overweight children will be the new focus of a revised suit.
John Banzhaf, George Washington University Law Professor and point man on the Barber case, commented during a debate this week on CNN's Crossfire: "That [Barber] suit is gone" and it "no longer applies". He said a new lawsuit is currently being constructed, which alleges that children were lured into restaurants with playgrounds and kids meals and are now overweight as a result.

Banzhaf has acknowledged that lawyers will encounter problems proving causation between obesity-related health problems and fastfood restaurants, but said that he will "sue them and sue them and sue them".

Meanwhile, John Doyle, spokesperson for the Centre for Consumer Freedom (a coalition of over 30,000 restaurants and taverns nationwide), responded: "The Caesar Barber suit was clearly a legal belly flop with the public and it appears that the trial lawyers are back at the drawing board.

"Now the lawyers are making the ridiculous assertion that restaurants are brainwashing children into regularly overpowering their parents.

"This is more about fattening attorney wallets than thinning consumers."