Food prices in the UK and Ireland have reached Scandinavian levels according to the EU statistics agency, Eurostat.

In Ireland last year, milk, cheese and eggs, for instance, cost 126% of the EU average, compared with 104% in Sweden and 110% in Finland. The price of the products in the UK reached 115% of the EU average.

The cheapest countries to buy dairy products in the EU were in Poland at 67% and Latvia at 75%.

Buying meat products in the UK and Ireland was also expensive (at 126% and 129% above the EU average) and very costly in non-EU states Switzerland, Iceland and Norway, where prices approached double the EU norm.

Meat was cheapest in Bulgaria at 48% of the EU average and in Latvia, where the cost of meat was half the EU average.

The best deals on bread and cereals were found in Bulgaria at 41% of the EU average and in Slovakia at 56%.