The Ukraine government has offered to abandon its mandatory certification of certain confectionery products to help secure its long sought after entry into the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Ukraine has been formally pushing for WTO membership since 1993, and although it has struck bilateral deals with the US and the EU on achieving membership, the Ukraine State Consumption Standards Agency said this latest move was "made under pressure from…US representatives".

Ukraine's State Consumption Standards Agency had objected to cancelling the obligatory certification of confectionery produce - notably chocolates, baked goods, toffees and caramels. Ukraine said the regulations were needed to protect domestic markets from poor quality imports.

The confectionery sector is particularly sensitive in Ukraine because it has defended itself well against imports from western Europe. A key company, Roshen Co, was closely identified with the so-called orange revolution that helped bring president Viktor Yushchenko to power in 2005.