Unilever said campaign hopes to make sustainable living "desirable and achievable"

Unilever said campaign hopes to make sustainable living "desirable and achievable"

Unilever has developed a marketing campaign to try to "motivate people to live sustainably".

The consumer goods giant, along with a number of its peers, has been working to make its business more sustainable in areas such as sourcing, waste and water use.

Such efforts can lead to the development of products that alleviate the impact of a business on the environment. However, industry watchers have argued more work needs to be done by businesses to actively try to encourage consumers to change their behaviour.

Unilever said its campaign - dubbed Project Sunlight - will help consumers to think and act with sustainability issues in mind.

"Project Sunlight aims to galvanise and build momentum behind a movement that is already happening. We know people all over the world want to adopt more sustainable behaviours, but need these to be easy and to fit with the way they live their lives. As a global consumer goods company, we have the means to help people realise this ambition," chief marketing officer Keith Weed said.

The company's decision to launch the campaign today (20 November) on Universal Children Day's is an attempt to tap in, it said, to how consumers' mindset changes when they become parents.

"We have extensive experience and research into what drives – and what limits – mass behaviour change. From this experience, we know that parenthood creates a profound shift in people's view of the world and what the anticipated future will mean for the lives of their children."

Unilever has commissioned a video, available on YouTube, for the campaign, which has been launched Brazil, India, Indonesia, the UK and the US.