Biscuits and snacks group United Biscuits is adding to its McCoy's crisps range in the UK with the launch of several limited-edition offerings and new pack sizes.

In the new year, United Biscuits will introduce a limited-edition range under the McCoy's Takeaways brand, comprising Southern Fried Chicken Wings, Chicken Curry and Chinese Sweet & Sour Ribs flavours.

Meanwhile, a multipack is to be introduced for the McCoy's Jackets concept and United Biscuits is also introducing the McCoy's Choice 6 multipack.

"The (McCoy's) brand has benefited from the 2007 TV advertising campaign and the new ranges will also be supported by McCoy's GBP2m (US$4m) 'Man Crisps' campaign, which kicks off in quarter two next year," said UBUK commercial manager Nick Stuart.