United Biscuits said "biscuit slices" was a new sub-sector in the market

United Biscuits said "biscuit slices" was a new sub-sector in the market

United Biscuits, which last week agreed the sale of the bulk of its salty snacks, has set out the new products it will add to its biscuits and cake portfolios in 2013.

The UK group will add lines to its McVitie's biscuit and cake ranges, more products to its line-up of go Ahead! biscuits and introduce new SKUs to its Jacob's and Carr portfolios of savoury biscuits.

In February, United Biscuits will launch McVitie's Double Chocolate Digestives, an "indulgent, everyday biscuit". It will also add a Rocky Road line to its range of McVitie's Medley biscuits.

The company has also developed biscuit "slices" to sell under the McVitie's brand after baking Twix Slice and Galaxy Cookie Crumble Slice for Mars Inc.

McVitie's Digestive Slices and McVitie's GingerNuts Slices "tap into the growing popularity of biscuit slices a new sub-sector to the traditional sponge slice market", United Biscuits said.

The company, meanwhile, is extending its go Ahead! Crispy Fruit Slices and Chocolate Thins ranges of "healthier" biscuits.

In savoury biscuits, the group is adding new flavours to its Jacob's Oddities range and has developed a new product for its "premium" savoury biscuit brand Carr's.

Last week, United Biscuits announced the sale of most of its salty snacks business to German group Intersnack.

United Biscuits will retain ownership of its baked bagged snack brands, including Twiglets and Mini Cheddars, as these are manufactured at the company's biscuit production plants.

In 2010, United Biscuits' private-equity owners, Blackstone and PAI, had looked at selling all of United Biscuits but failed to find a buyer.

Earlier this year, they split the biscuits and salty snacks units in two, paving the way for the sale of the KP Snacks arm, which makes brands including Hula Hoops and McCoy's.