URC is planning on upping snack production capacity

URC is planning on upping snack production capacity

Universal Robina Corp. has plans to expand its production in Asia, the Philippines-based group has told just-food.

The company was coy about providing specific details but it did indicate it was looking at a fresh round of capital investment.

"We have plans of installing additional capacities and constructing new buildings to house new lines and expand warehouses on our existing geography locations but we would rather not disclose the exact locations yet as these are ongoing plans and programmes," Universal Robina Corp. said. 

"Some are expected to augment supply for fast selling products like Piattos [crisps] in Indonesia and the Philippines, biscuits and wafers in Thailand, Cup lines in Vietnam and beverage lines in the Philippines."

Universal Robina Corp. has 15 plants in Philippines, four in Vietnam, three in China and one in each of Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The company also has two production sites in New Zealand.