Fastfood chain McDonald's has reportedly struck a deal with the Vegetarian Society to use its logo to approve some of its products.

The Vegetarian Society logo is used to denote products that are completely meat-free and also prepared separately from meat products. McDonald's will be able to use the logo for its Quorn Premiere Burger, garden salad, yoghurt, fruit toast, bagels, apple-and-grape bags and muffins, reported

Tina Fox, chief executive of the Vegetarian Society defended its decision, saying that if McDonald's products met the society's criteria they should be treated in the same way as any other company.

"For the vegetarians who want to grab fast food on the go and for the McDonald's customers who might try Quorn for the first time, we believe that having products that are truly suitable for vegetarians in every McDonald's in the UK is a good thing," Fox was quoted as saying.

Before the approval was given, the products' manufacturing and cooking process was scrutinised to ensure it met the Vegetarian Society's strict criteria.

"We are approving the product range, we are not approving McDonald's," Fox told MediaGuardian.