Visco launches Italian-inspired Val dEsta brand

Visco launches Italian-inspired Val d'Esta brand

Australian foodservice importer and distributor Visco Selected Fine Foods has launched its own range of ready meals, sauces, relish and antipasti in retail stores.

The upmarket food group is debuting the Val d'Elsa brand of "restaurant quality" Italian-inspired food products. The range includes beetroot relish with aged balsamic vinegar, Catalano antipasto with manchego cheese, basil pesto, carrot relish, barramundi sauce, Tuscan meatballs and duck and porcini ragu.

Commenting on the launch, Visco owner Luca Tortora emphasised what he saw as the brand's premium quality but also its value-for-money and health credentials.

"The Barramundi sauce is tomato-based and full of this wonderful Australian fish. Simply combine one 300g container of the sauce with 300-400g of pasta and you have a healthy dinner for four for under A$10 (US$9.5)," he said.

"Not only that, but in that one simple dish you have your carbohydrates and your protein for a well rounded, healthy meal that's all natural with no preservatives."