The Chicago-based food group Vita Food Products has announced that David S. Lipson, Edward P. Dolanski and Robert C. Douglas II have been elected to its board of directors.

The new directors replace Scott Levitt, Glenn Morris and Steven Rothstein. Lipson has been named chairman of the board, while Stephen D. Rubin becomes chairman emeritus.

"On behalf of the company I would like to extend a sincere appreciation to Messrs Levitt, Morris and Rothstein for their contributions to Vita's board," said president and CEO Clifford K. Bolen at the company's annual general meeting of shareholders. "We also express our gratitude to Mr Rubin who has served the company as chairman of the board for the past ten years and has now become chairman emeritus."

At the meeting, Bolen also took the opportunity to brief shareholders on the recent introduction of new products at both Vita's Seafood and Specialty Foods divisions. Bolen said the company had passed on price increases stemming from cost increases, cut expenses to improve profitability and built a solid senior management team.

"Our short-term plans include a return to consistent profitability as well as implementing a plan to build a more effective corporate infrastructure for managing the Seafood and Specialty Foods divisions," he said. "During the latter part of 2007 both divisions will migrate to a single enterprise software platform, which will both reduce costs and provide more meaningful operational information."