Slovenian nutraceuticals specialist Vitiva has extended its Inolens line with the launch of Inolens 4, an oil-soluble which provides anti-rancidity protection for nuts and seeds.

The new line is derived from rosemary and protects seeds and nuts from oxidation, extending shelf life by up to 70%, Vitiva said. It can be used for seeds and nuts on their own or when they are used in other food products.

"Inolens 4 is a 100%-natural, allergen-free product for preserving the original taste, odour and colour of seeds and nuts in food products, and enables food producers to apply for a clean label," says Vitiva CEO Ohad Cohen. "It has great advantages for applications such as chocolates, cookies and cakes. Our R&D team completely eliminated the strong odour typical to rosemary extracts and extended the shelf life."