The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is today taking action to ensure a full recall from sale of a batch of James White Fresh Dry Bramley Apple Juice.

The FSA is advising consumers and caterers against its use. This action follows the finding during a routine food survey of unacceptably high levels of a naturally occurring chemical, patulin, in a sample of this particular product.

Details of the affected product:
Fresh Dry Bramley Apple Juice
Brand name: James White
Packing and size: 75cl glass bottles
Best before: September 2003
Batch code: SEP03D

The levels of patulin found pose an unacceptable risk to public health. This chemical, produced by some moulds that grow naturally on fruits, particularly apples, can affect the developing foetus and cause neurological and immunological effects in animals. Therefore  it is important to keep human exposure to this chemical as low as is practically possible.

Steve Wearne, Head of Chemical Contaminants at the FSA said: "Our regular survey work picked up this problem. Whilst there has been action to withdraw the product from sale, that may not have been comprehensive and consumers may have some still in the cupboard at home. The Agency's advice is that this particular juice should not be drunk. Consumers should throw it away or return it to where they bought it."

This particular juice was not on sale in high street supermarkets and was only available from approximately 160 outlets around the country. Most of the outlets were farm shops, garden centres and plant nurseries around the country.

The FSA has today issued a Food Hazard Warning asking local enforcement officers to check that these products have been removed from sale.