Fast food chain Wendy's has welcomed an announcement by the San Jose
Police Department that the criminal charges have been filed in the case of the finger allegedly found in chilli at a Wendy's restaurant in San Jose California.

"Wendy's is thrilled with the announcement made today," said Tom Mueller, Wendy's president and chief operating officer. "From the beginning, we said we wanted to know what really happened that night. We applaud the San Jose Police Department and medical examiner for their thorough investigations. Now that an arrest has been made, we feel vindicated."

Mueller continued: "We are forever grateful to our customers and we thank them for their support. For 35 years, Wendy's has served the highest quality food that is safe and wholesome. We're going to continue to do just that, selling hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, salads and other great products."

According to US newspapers the person arrested is Anna Ayala, the woman who claimed she found a finger in her bowl of chilli. The Associated Press she said is accused of attempted grand larceny, a charge authorities said relates to the financial losses Wendy's has suffered. The loss to Wendy's restaurants in the Bay area is $2.5m, according to the felony complaint against her.

"Indeed, what we have found is that thus far our evidence suggests the truest victims in this case are indeed the Wendy's owner, operators and employees here in San Jose," San Jose Police Chief Rob Davis said on Friday.

"It's been 31 days, and believe me it's been really tough," said Joseph Desmond, owner of the local Wendy's franchise. "My thanks also go out to all the little people who were hurt in our stores. They lost a lot of wages because we had to cut back because our business has been down so badly."

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