Whitby Seafoods weighing up changes to manufacturing

Whitby Seafoods weighing up changes to manufacturing

UK group Whitby Seafoods is considering changes to its manufacturing network that could lead to the closure of one of its four plants and two other facilities combined into one.

The company is mulling whether its factory in Scotland, Galloway Seafoods, should continue to coat and pack scampi and other seafood products due to the duplication with work carried out at other plants. Production could move to the group's site in Whitby in North Yorkshire.

The group is consulting over the proposal, marketing and sales director Laura Whittle said. Forty staff could be affected.

Elsewhere, two facilities Whitby owns at Kilheel harbour  will be combined into a refurbished site that will shell, freeze and prepare scampi tails.

The business's head office site in Whitby will remain what the company calls its "centre of excellence" for scampi, prawns, goujons and battered fillets. The company's technical, NPD, sales accounts and marketing teams are also based at the site.

In a statement, MD Daniel Whittle added: "It is our aim to continue to build our efficiency and focus through specialisation to protect our business in an ever evolving market."

Whitby Seafoods sells products in UK retailers including Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and Waitrose, as well as in restaurants.