Yulu had not hit sales expectations, WhiteWave admitted

Yulu had not hit sales expectations, WhiteWave admitted

WhiteWave Foods is pulling "Australian-style" yoghurt brand Yulu, nine months after launching the product in the US.

The company admitted sales had not hit expectations and would be "fully discontinued" at the end of the year.

"Unfortunately the word hasn't reached enough people and Yulu isn't selling as quickly as we hoped," WhiteWave said.

When WhiteWave launched Yulu in February, the company said the yoghurt, which contains 10g of protein, was "inspired by an authentic yoghurt recipe from Australia" and was "a great option for consumers who want a delicious, creamy, protein-packed yoghurt without the tangy, tart taste often associated with high-protein yoghurts".

Commenting on the launch at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York investment conference in February, Blaine McPeak, the then head of WhiteWave's business in the Americas, said: "Yulu is a high-protein, Australian-style yoghurt, which we think has tremendous potential to ride the wave of growth we've been seeing in this emerging segment."