Willi Foods predicts revenue increases of 17% this year

Willi Foods predicts revenue increases of 17% this year

G Willi-Food has announced it expects sales revenue growth of approximately 17% this year based on a preliminary assessment of the financial results.

"In the 2013 fiscal year we were able to continue to attract new customers as well as maintain our strong customer base by providing quality products that have come to represent our brand," commented chairman of Willi-Food, Zwi Williger. "We intend to continue the positive gains we have made and continue developing our product line in the current fiscal year."

At the end of last year, the company posted an increase if 61.9% in the nine months to 30 September.

At the time Williger attributed the improvement in Willi-Foods' financial results to its strategy to organically grow its customer base and product lines while at the same tiome expanding its margins.

G. Willi-Food International Ltd. is an Israeli-based company specialising in kosher food products.