Israeli food importer G. Willi-Food said today (14 July) that its US arm had closed - and had filed a lawsuit in New York against a rival company for "malicious interference" with the business.

In a statement this afternoon, Willi-Food said WF Kosher Food Distributors had ceased trading.

The announcement came amid news that the US unit had filed a lawsuit at the New York Supreme Court in which it accused an unnamed company of causing losses at the business after it sold a third firm, Laish Israeli Food Products, to WF.

"WF has filed a complaint in the New York Supreme Court against the seller to WF of the operations and assets of Laish Israeli Food Products Ltd. for losses incurred resulting from inaccurate representations made by the seller in connection with the sale of Laish assets to WF, and from the seller's malicious interference with the US operations of WF after the sale of the operations to WF," Willi-Food said.

Willi-Food added that WF would also file a complaint against a number of Israeli vendors for supplying products that broke "agreed upon terms".