Leading Russian food and beverage producer Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods today (22 December) announced the acquisition of Molka Ojsc in Russia's Irkutsk region, one of the largest milk processing enterprises in Eastern Siberia.

"The acquisition was made in accordance with Wimm-Bill-Dann's declared strategy aimed at the expansion of its business through selected acquisitions of successful companies that have leading market positions in their regions and strong brand portfolios," the company said in a statement.

Molka Ojsc (Angarsky Milk Plant) is the most famous milk processing plants in the region with a 50-year history and a rich tradition, Wimm-Bill-Dann said.

The designed capacity of the enterprise is 150 tons of milk processed per day.

"The purchase of Molka allows Wimm-Bill-Dann to strengthen its position in a strategically important region and continue its expansion in the Siberian market. By having its own enterprise in Irkutsk region, the company gains the ability to optimise logistical expenditures by eliminating the need for long-distance transport of products between regions," the statement said.
In the near future, Wimm-Bill-Dann plans to make products under its own brands at Molka, the company confirmed.